Do you know that Bohemian Style dresses are hot in 2017 summer

Bohemian Style dresses are hot at the moment trend , whether in the stores or on the street.

Let us explore in a right away top wears of  Bohemian Style dresses in 2017 summer together.

And hope this post is going to helping you a lot in some inspiration from Wholesale7 on boho dresses.

My picks show today:

Bohemian Style Stripe with Wide Leg Split Pants: GO: goo.gl/pz7KY4

Bohemian Beach Vacation Style Side Split Skirts; GO: goo.gl/qHHfa2

Bohemian Style Side Split Wrap Skirts: GO: goo.gl/33dmNo

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What can we buy during Anniversary Sale on Fashion Dresses

Anniversary Sale is common every year among many Fashion Dress online stores.

So, what can we buy during Anniversary Sale on Fashion Dresses? How to purchase in a smart way?

Well, Popularly speaking, there are many kind of fashion dress for your choice: Like Blouse, Rompers, Embroidery, Bohemian, Sexy Dress, Women suit, Lingeries, Denim, Sneaker, Pumps and Bags etc.

Then, you can enter the selections of needs:

Such as Boutique Women, women sets, men's wear styles and kids wear gifts......

Or,there are other ways to get your free clothes.

Take wholesale7 for example,Free Gifts for those

1. Six loyal customers will be selected to win the totally free clothes. Each person can only have 1 clothing.
2. Only order products during Apr 15th to Apr 30th can take part in the give away.
3. The winners list will be posted on our facebook page and a congratulations e-mail also will be sent to you on May 1st.
4. Wholesale7 reserved all rights of this event.

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How to Beat your Heat during summer beach holidays

Summer is a good time for beach holidays. But the hot sun can makes people weary. Have you experienced the same problem? So, how to beat the Heat during summer beach holidays?

I am going to share some Beach Wear tips today for you.

Tip 1: Halter Bikini + Beach Blanket + Slippers

Tip 2: Beach Cover-ups + Hat + Sunglasses

Tip 3: Vests + Short Pants + Sunglasses

What's more, you can also prepare the Sunscreen, Cream, TowelsLong-sleeve shirt in thin design, and even Heat stroke medicine for yourself or friends around you. Of course, do take care of your Personal Items.

Beat your Heat during summer! Enjoy your beach holidays~

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